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Retired Red Fox Labradors

Red Fox Labrador Male

Stosh's Red Pointing Remington

Born in August of 2012, "Remington" is the son of 4XGMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun MH and Stosh's Red Brandy Wine Point, and grandson to GMPR Snake River Eagle Talon SH and Stosh's Copper River Red Point. "Remington" is one of our upcoming young male studs, he will be available for stud service after health and certifications are complete at age two.

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Red Lab Male

Stosh's Red Bob Seger Point


Born in November of 2010 "Seger" is son to HRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK MH and Stosh's Red Brandy Wine Point, and is the grandson of GMPR Snake River Eagle Talon SH and Stosh's Copper River Red Point. "Seger" is a wonderful, active, male dog that loves to hunt and play.

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Shdwmtn Hunters Gentlemen Jack Male Red Lab

Shdwmtn Hunters Gntlmen Jack

Son of GMPR Sauk River's Featherstorm "Jake" "Jack" was born in October 2002, and has been a loyal companion his whole life. "Jack" is a big boy weighing in at approximately 75 pounds.

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Stosh's Red Clara Belle

Born in September of 2009, Clara Belle is daughter of Shdwmtn Hunters Gntlmen Jack, and grand daughter to GMPR Sauk River's Featherstorm "Jake". She is also the mother to Stosh's Red Anchor Point. Clara Belle is a very pampered, happy, and loving girl. She is in her home with two small children and another family dog. "Clare" loves to snuggle! Her favorite pass time is "get the bird." She loves to run and play with the kids in her home, and is very loyal and always eager to please! Clara Belle had her first littler of pups in March of 2012, 9 very healthy pups. --Learn More


Female Red Fox Pointing LabStosh's Red Star

Born August of 1998 in Iowa, Star was my first fox red pointing lab. Star is AKC and UKC dual certified. Star is now retired after having two litters of all healthy puppies. Star is the grandmother to GMPR MPR CP Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak. Star and I loved to go hunting, and was very good at it.  My love for her was the reason for starting Fox Red Pointing Labs, I thought every hunter should have a dog like mine.

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Stosh's Foxy Roxy Red Lab FemaleStosh's Foxy Roxy

Roxy is a hard working bird dog at the age of 10, and is one of the best dogs I have ever had. Roxy gave birth to four litters; one litter with Guss, a litter with Helm's Point Doctor PT, and 2 litters with Shdwmtn Hunters Gntlmen Jack. Roxy is now retired. Roxy is mother to Stosh's Red Cedar Point and Stosh's Copper River Red Point, grandmother to Stosh's Red Brandy Wine Point, and great grandmother to Stosh's Red Piper Point

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Stosh's Red Cedar Point  Lab Female

Stosh's Red Cedar Point

Born in October of 2003, Cedar is the daughter to Helm's Point Doctor PT and Stosh's Foxy Roxy. Cedar is now retired after giving birth to her final litter in the fall of 2012 with Shdwmtn Hunters Gntlmen Jack. Cedar is also the mother to Stosh's Red Pointing Otis.


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fox red pointing lab female

Stosh's Copper River Red Point

Copper is retired. She was bred with Snake River Eagle Talon and is a pup of Stosh's Foxy Roxy and Shdwmtn Hunters Gntlmen Jack, and is the  mother of Stosh's Red Brandy Wine Point.

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