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GMPR, SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH

GMPR Breeding Male Fox Red Pointing LabGMPR, SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH

Scooter was an amazing talent from the start. He was pointing birds before he turned 7 weeks of age. Scooter was gun broke 11 weeks of age. Before he turned 3 months old he had pointed and retrieved to hand well over 100 shot quail. Scooter passed his first HRC Hunt Test at the young age of just 4 months.That’s right! Scooter passed his first 4 Hunt Tests in a row and received his first Hunt Test Title “SHR” at just 5 months of age. Scooter also passed his CP APLA Hunt Test at this same young age before mov­ing on to his AKC Junior Hunt Tests. Scooter passed 4 AKC Junior Hunt Test in as many week­ends and he earned his AKC JH Test Title before he turned 7 months of age. Scooter passed 9 Hunt Tests in the spring of 2009 across the H.R.C, A.P.L.A. & A.K.C. all at the very young age of just 6 months!

Scooter’s young suc­cess con­tin­ued in 2009 … as he earned the “Advanced Point­ing Retriever” APLA title while being per­fectly steady to wing & shot. Although being steady to wing and shot is not required for the “APR” title, Scooter at just 10 months of age received tons of praise as he amazed the spec­ta­tors and judges alike. Then in an attempt to build on Scooter’s early suc­cess A very hard deci­sion to send Scooter South for the win­ter was made, so he could con­tinue his progress on water blinds. After all, the win­ters in Texas are usu­ally warmer than those in the Mid­west. So Scooter moved to Texas and entered the train­ing pro­gram of Rusty Haglund and Bob­bie Purser of Trig­ger Time Ken­nels & Web Foot Ken­nels respec­tively.

Fox Red breeding male studBy the time Scooter turned 12 months of age he had earned the right to be on Bobbie’s trailer which is only filled with dogs that can do AKC Mas­ter Hunter work. “It’s hard to believe that a 12 month old pup can run mark for mark, blind for blind with AKC MH titled dogs. But Scooter can, and does every day.  Scooter under Bobbie’s car­ing hand earns his first AKC Senior Hunt pass at the young age of 15 months. Scooter was only one of 8 dogs of 55 that past this test in Iola, TX and was by far the youngest dog in the entire field. But being the youngest dog at a hunt test was noth­ing new for Scooter.
March of 2010 turned out to be a great month for Scooter as he went on and passed 3 AKC SH tests. Scooter went 4 for 4 under Bob­bie as he earned his AKC SH title in April of 2010.
Less than 5 weeks later Scooter being the youngest dog in a field of 52 dogs in Laver­gene, TN passes his first AKC MH Test. Scooter was one of just 15 dogs out of 52 to pass this test. Three weeks later in Vir­ginia, MN Scooter was just 1 of 12 dogs to pass this very chal­leng­ing MH test and as usual was the youngest dog to pass.
Scoot­ers suc­cess con­tin­ued that sum­mer and he earned the cov­eted AKC Mas­ter Hunt title at the young age of 21 months of age. He was just one of two dogs that day to run the entire test with­out a handle.

Health and Certifications

Hips: OFA Excellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

Cerf Normal

EIC: Clear

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