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GMPR Sauk River's Weekend Warrior

Fox red pointing lab maleGMPR Sauk River's Weekend Warrior "Gunner"

Click to view "Gunners" sire:  Sauk River's Featherstorm "Jake"

Click to view:  "Gunner's Pedigree

GMPR Saukrivers weekend warrior "Gunner" is the son of Saukrivers featherstorm Jake. And the Great grandson of My Very first Fox Red Pointing lab Stosh's Red Shinning Star. Gunner is 70lbs Dark Red and has a great point. He is a pleasure to hunt with as well as living with in the house.

The video below has a funny story behind it. I was running/training Gunner one day over a year ago and saw some guys with pointing dogs and went to see what was going on. They were filming, and I knew the local Tri-Tronics rep who was there. They were having trouble getting good points out of their dogs and the guy I know came up to me and said "I heard your lab actually points, is that true?"  I said, "yes, he has a really good point," and he asked if I wouldn't mind running him through their set-up to see if he would lock up. Well he did very well, and that is how he ended up in their catalog, and this video. They told me at the time they didn't know what the company would do with it because they expected pointers and shorthairs etc.

You will see Gunner on point advertising the 5:01 min clip.  When you play the video, he is at the 1:55 - 2:09 minute marks.

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